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How much does it cost to visit Rome

If you are wondering how much does it cost to visit Rome, then you are in the right place, in this travel guide you’ll find the daily average cost per day broken down by: lodging, meals, transportation and attractions ticket pricing, with this information you will be able to put together your daily budget at this beautiful Italian city.

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How much does it cost to sleep at Rome?

Rome, being one of the most visited cities in Europe is also one of the most expensive to sleep at, however if you search for options and reserve in advance it is highly possible for you to get really good deals, next you’ll find the average cost per night at Rome:

If you want to save some euros at Rome, please feel free to use the next discounts, in both you must register and make a reservation for the first time:

How much does it cost to eat at Rome?

Italy is well know around the world for its wide and delicious gastronomy and winery, so please enjoy every meal, just try as much as you can to eat at local restaurants, there you’ll find the real Roman flavor, also remember: the closest to the «touristic zones» the more expensive it will be. Next you’ll find the average per meal:

  • Food at super markets, from 5 to 10€: as usual, if you are looking to save some euros, then this is your best choice, supermarkets at most cities offer the most competitive prices in fully prepared meal or supplies for you to prepare your own.

  • Local restaurants, from 10 to 50€: Always remember: the farther the restaurant it’s from the touristic zone, the cheaper it will be, at some places you will find pizza+beer combos for 8-10€.
  • Top Notch or gourmet restaurants: +50€: If your budget is enough to pay one of this places, then do it and taste the local delicacies, but also enjoy the whole experience.
How much does the attraction tickets cost to at Rome?

Being Italy’s capital has a lot of benefits, but the most important is the legacy the city holds for itself, at Rome you’ll find some of the most famous buildings, paintings and sculptures in the world, many of those charge an entry fee, so it is important to include those in your daily cost to visit Rome.

How much does it cost the plublic transportation in Rome?

Rome has a solid public transportation infrastructure composed by: Metro, Bus, Bikes & Taxis, but as usual, my recomendation is simple: take your time, walk and explore the city, discover the secrets it holds and let yourself be surprised. Next you’ll find the single ticket prices so you can include them in your daily cost to visit Rome:

  • Metro: 1.5€
  • Bike:  .5€ the first half our
  • Taxi: The most expensive option, an average of+10€ per each 5km
Should you tip while in Rome?

One of the most forgotten topics when calculating a daily cost to visit Rome is the tipping, and trust me, it does decrease your budget in a considerable way, so please read carefully the next bullets:

  • Bars and Cafes: Not necessary
  • Restaurants: Most times your bill will include a 10% service charge, so check every bill to avoid double tipping
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Now you are prepared to calculate your own daily cost to visit Rome. I hope this guide has been useful, if so, please help me and share it on your social media.

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